Saturday, September 20, 2014

Tiffany Monique


When Jordan Anderson is asked to assist Michael Sinchester in “popping the question” to her old college friend, Audra Lang, she’s happy to assist in any way possible. The one downfall is that while Jordan is knee-deep in romantic scheming, she’s also stuck working side-by-side with Michael’s best man, running errands, arranging plans, and being an all-around gopher for the happy couple.
From the moment Riordan Deliverance arrives with Audra’s custom engagement ring, Jordan is in a constant state of arousal and annoyance. She wants to wring his sexy, tanned throat, smack his chiseled, strong jaw and punch him in his laughing blue eyes. What about this man screams chaos to her? Why is she running like a rabbit from a wolf? Every nerve in her body is drawn to him, so why would every brain cell tell her danger is near?
Riordan is a master strategist, the man the U.S. intelligence community depends on to keep the baddies of the world at bay. For the life of him, he can’t understand why Jordan won’t give him the time of day. Luckily, there’s nothing he loves better than solving puzzles. But to solve the mystery of Jordan’s animosity, Riordan will have to lay his own soul bare to save them both.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

I’m so excited… for my cover… it's dead gorgeous!

Excerpt Below

“Enchanted, Ms. Anderson. Michael didn’t tell me Isis herself was assisting us in this romantic scheme. It is most certainly a pleasure.”
Jordan smirked at the compliment.
He was a... smooth one, absolutely inaccurate regarding her ancestry but
smooth nonetheless.

“Isis, really? That works for you?” she asked. “Wrong part of Africa, Viking. Try Ala, Nigerian goddess of fertility or Danu, Celtic Goddess and matriarch or perhaps Sakwa Mana, Hopi Goddess of Bounty and Joy. I am a hybrid of all those things. Isis is Egyptian. If you have a preference for Egyptian sisters, I can forward you to a meet-up group that can fulfill your taste for the exotic. Again, do you have the ring?”

Riordan drew back in surprise. Did she slash and burn every compliment given to her or just the ones from strange white dudes who were clearly stunned by her statuesque beauty?

“Forgive me, dejlige hugorm, no offense was meant. I do have the ring. Good guess on my heritage, by the way. You are quite accurate.”

She glanced back nervously. “Well, Audra has seen you now, and it would be highly out of character for you not to go say hello. I’m sure she’s aware something is up, but we don’t need to blow it totally,” said Jordan, turning her back to Riordan and walking toward the table.

He stifled a groan of appreciation as his eyes followed the smooth line of her naked back. Three delicate, gold-link chains connected the sides of the backless wet dream of a dress she was wearing and settled above an ass that was big, round, and dead sexy.
She paused and glanced over her shoulder.
Riordan stopped up short, close enough to feel the heat off her naked back against his chest.

“The next time you call me lovely viper in Danish I will have to retaliate in kind, Viking,” she whispered. “Not every woman thinks your sly insults are endearing.” -

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Promise to My Dearest Reader,

            I’ve always taken the advice given to Jo March in Little Women by Louisa May Alcott very seriously. Write about what you know. I will always endeavor to give you authenticity in all of my prose. Research is one of the most fulfilling parts of being a writer. A conversation here, a trip to a location there, it all makes for a well-rounded story to you.

Not to say that I won’t embellish, take some artistic license or put my own unique spin on my stories, as they are my stories, but a grain of universal truth will always be present. That is what I hope speaks to your heart, mind and most importantly your soul. From never judge a book by its cover to what happens in the dark always comes out in the light there are certain invaluable lessons that are universal. One invaluable truth will be always be present in each of my books; with a little sacrifice, some perseverance and bucket load of laughter, love conquers all.

Whether I transport your imagination to another city, another country or another world; leave it to The Heiress of Eros to lay the life-jewels of love and passion at your feet. Let’s take a journey together, with a side of diamonds…


                                                                                                All My Love,